Terms and conditions

1. General Business Terms

1.1. Prices
The prices are quoted net, "ex works" exclusive of transportation charges. The pricelist is subject to adjustments in prices before accepting the order due to changes in material prices, prices from suppliers, changes in government taxes, exchange rates, labor costs and more.

1.2. Shipping
Goods are supplied ex stock. All orders are subject to freight charges which equals the current freight rate.

Delivery is considered to be completed when the goods are handed over to the buyer or handed over to the buyer's representative, unless otherwise is stated in the order confirmation.

1.3. Claims & Limitation of Liability
If goods are sent directly to a third party for further processing, the customer is responsibility for ensuring, that the third party checks that the goods are delivered correctly and that the goods are undamaged.

In no cases can Nimbus Nordic A/S be held liable for loss of profit or other indirect losses, including costs for further processing. In cases where the order is not fully delivered and/or the delivered quantity do not correspond to the order confirmation, Nimbus Nordic A/S cannot be held responsible for already realized costs or new costs for ex. reprinting jackets. In such cases, Nimbus Nordic A/S is only obliged to substitute or repair the defective or missing products. Nimbus Nordic A/S can alone decide whether substitution or repair is used.

1.4. Return of products
Products can only be returned after prior agreement with Nimbus Nordic A/S. A precondition for returning products is that the shipment includes a RMA number which is provided by Nimbus Nordic A/S. For further details see our homepage.

1.5. Payment
All goods are supplied in accordance to the payment terms which is applicable at the time of the order confirmation. The order will always be subject to a positive credit check by Nimbus Nordic A/SâEUR™s current credit assurance supplier. Nimbus Nordic A/S reserves the right to require prepayment if the customer cannot be approved for credit assurance by Nimbus Nordic A/S' current credit insurer.

Payments are only regarded as completed when they are credited to one of Nimbus Nordic A/S bank accounts.

If the customer fails to meet the granted periods for payment, Nimbus Nordic A/S shall be entitled to claim default interest rate for the overdue payment and Nimbus Nordic A/S has additionally the right to impose any reminder an administration fee. The Interest rate and administration fee is based on the current rates determined by Nimbus Nordic A/S.

Subject to change
The business terms are subject to change without prior notice. Additionally, Nimbus Nordic A/S reserves the right to adjust the terms or prices because of errors in the text and/or pricelists.

2. Return and Complaint Policy

2.1. Product Complaints / defects
1 year warranty is granted on products supplied by Nimbus Nordic A/S.
Return of defective products must happen according to agreement and in accordance with section 2.4. and 2.5.

2.2. Delivery Error
Complaints concerning any errors in the delivery must be Nimbus Nordic A/S in hand within 7 days from the receipt date. If complaints are not made within 7 days the shipment is considered fully delivered.

In case of errors, be it too little, too much or incorrectly supplied products, Nimbus Nordic A/SâEUR™ customer service must be contacted for a solution.

2.3. Transport Complaints
Upon receiving a shipment from Nimbus Nordic A/S, the following must be observed:

Is there a visible damage to the packaging, this should be pointed out to the driver. On the freight document / PDA there must be indicated that the shipment was "received with reservation of damage".

Unpacking must be done immediately after the damage on the packaging has been observed, in order to check whether the goods also have been damaged or not. If the goods are damaged, the customer must without delay contact Nimbus Nordic A/S.

Damaged items can only be sent back to Nimbus Nordic A/S, after obtaining a RMA number. See section 2.5.

2.4. Return of products
Products can only be returned after prior agreement and contact with Nimbus Nordic A/S customer service.
Returned products must be complete and undamaged and all original hangtags must be attached to the jackets. All return shipments must be shipped in accordance to the guidelines described in Nimbus Nordic A/SâEUR™ return and complaint policy. Otherwise, Nimbus Nordic A/S reserves the right to refuse to credit the returned products.

If Nimbus Nordic A/S accepts to receive goods which are not wrongly supplied or damaged, the customer will be credited 90% of actual sales price. Products which are older than 2 months cannot be returned. The customer must inform Nimbus Nordic A/S about invoice or order number when contacting Nimbus Nordic A/SâEUR™ Customer Service regarding the return shipment.

In cases where Nimbus Nordic A / S are responsible for the transport of the return shipment, only Nimbus Nordic A / S can decide which transporter should pick up and deliver the returned products. In practice, this will only be relevant in cases where the customer has received shipment with wrong products or if defective products are to be returned to Nimbus Nordic A/S.

2.5. RMA - Process
A precondition for returning products to Nimbus Nordic A/S is that the shipment includes a RMA number which is provided by Nimbus Nordic A/S. The RMA number is valid for 14 days and covers only pre-agreed products.

After obtaining the RMA number via email (use: info@nimbusnordic.com), Nimbus Nordic A/S will send a return shipment delivery note per email.

The RMA request send to Nimbus Nordic A/S must as a minimum include information about the following points:
- Item name(s) of products which are to be returned
- Numbers and sizes of returned products per style
- Reason for return request
- Information about original invoice or sales order number.
The return shipment delivery note must be enclosed in the returned shipment. Are there any deviations in the return shipment compared to the delivery note, Nimbus Nordic A/S reserves the right to refuse to credit the products which are send without a prior agreement. If Nimbus Nordic A/S in special cases should accept to handle and credit the products which are returned without prior agreement, an extra handling fee of 15 euro will be deducted from the credit note.

The RMA number must always be noted on the package(s).

Products must be returned to the pre-agreed return warehouse address below:

Nimbus Nordic A/S
Orientkaj, Pakhus 52, Port 3
2150 Nordhavn

If return shipments are wrongly directed to our office address, we will deduct an extra handling fee of 15 euro.

3. Press & Media

3.1. Contact
Should a customer find interest in the use of Nimbus image archive, or in any other way find the use of Nimbus graphical materials useful for own purpose, they are advised to contact Nimbus marketing department at marketing@nimbusnordic.com beforehand in order to agree on the terms of use.

3.2. Copyright
Materials from the Nimbus catalogues and website, including the special forms of Nimbus logos, pictures, styles and style names / numbers / belong to Nimbus Nordic A/S and may not be used for any purpose without the prior written permission from Nimbus Nordic A/S.

3.3. Use of photos made and owned by Nimbus Nordic A/S
Upon usage of photos owned by Nimbus Nordic A/S, any removal of existing logos is not allowed.

Downloaded photos and logos may only be used commercially for the promotion of Nimbus Nordic A/S brand and products. In case a Nimbus is not already applied to a specific image, Nimbus Nordic A/S withholds the right to add before it is put into use.

Should photos owned by Nimbus Nordic A/S be taking into use in any social media activities, then the hashtag #nimbuscph is to be used.